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About Us

Let Us Tell You Our Story

AGRO-NEGOCIOS(Makalde Group) ltd Is a group of Israel's leading companies for the design, engineering, distributing and installation of agriculture projects around the world. AGRO-NEGOCIOS(Makalde Group) primary mission is to develop economically viable agricultural and a Aquaculture and livestock infrastructure projects that enhance the quantity and quality of production around the world.

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Impact Projects

With over 40 years of experience, we bring reliable field-proven technology, backed by professional expertise and knowledge to agriculture large-scale project.

Create jobs

Local are trained and employed.


Increase commercial efficiency.

Reduce energy

Costs, chemicals, repairs, and maintenance.

Highest standards of

equipment, materials, and constructions.

Sustainable development

meeting human development goals while at the same time sustaining the ability of natural systems to provide.

Our vision

In today's world, we understand that food security, clean water and energy are complex and different in each part of the world. Our goal is to find the tailor solution to the challenges we are facing with. Our unique way of integrated methods, Innovative systems and experience allow us to learn how to increase productivity and improve conditions considering all existing status and turn them into success stories.

Working Methods


Complete systems supply, most systems are in-house developments, so we can carry out modifications, creative and flexible engagement models on the basis of each project, so each project receives its needs accurately and allows us to increase production, reduce water waste and so.


Training and knowledge transfer are key to the success of each project. Relevant knowledge is provided in the OJT courses and until the completion of the full project implementation.


Different projects require different systems (irrigation, climate control, water treatment, etc.). We ensure that all systems are computerized, controlled and integrated to one working system.

Financial Support

Ensures the most cost-effective solution in addition to return on investments and long-term results. We can offer offtake agreement in some parts of the world to some of our products.

Implementation & Support

A successful project comes to an end when the client has all the knowledge required to continue the project successfully. Professional and technical support will be available to the customer throughout the project period and beyond if required.


Skilled professionals who accompany the project from its first day and provide a comprehensive holistic solution for all needs.